Flooring FAQ

What is the minimum order?

Unless it’s a special order product we have no minimum orders.

we will sell you one tile or all the tiles available .

Do you sell “Peel and Stick”? 

Here at Carpet Corporation we are often asked if we carry peel and stick carpet tile and our answer is always an emphatic “no!”.  Peel and stick carpet tiles are thin, lightweight and can barely hold up to normal household residential use much less demanding commercial traffic.  Everything that Biscuit sells is a heavy-duty tile that is designed for years of use and abuse in high-traffic commercial spaces and can be picked up and washed or cleaned as often as needed without worry.  And even though Biscuit’s tiles are tough enough for commercial use they also look and work wonderfully in your residence and can survive spills, accidents and normal wear and tear in a way that no peel and stick tile ever could.

Remember, Biscuit wants you to be delighted with your purchase not only next week but years down the road.  And there’s simply no way that can happen with the peel and stick carpet tiles that are currently on the market.  Use your hard-earned cash to buy the best quality carpet tiles available.  You will be glad that you did.

Do you offer samples?

Yes, we can provide an agent sample (6″x6″ cutting of the tile) for free give us a call and speak to our expert sales team 1-800-826-5805

Do you need glue?


How do they stay down?

As you install the tiles. You will arrive at the wall. You will cut that tile to fit. So the tile cannot move. (The wall holds it).

Will the tile curl up?

No These are top of the line carpet tiles and are very heavy.

How do you clean the tiles?

Take the tile up and clean it in a sink. Let dry and reinstall.

Will the tile move when vacuuming or moving furniture?


Can you glue them?

Yes but you would lose the advantage of exchanging them out of heavy traffic lanes and picking them up for cleaning.

Can these tiles be cleaned like regular carpet?


How do these tile resist staining?

Great you can actually clean them with Chlorox.

How much to ship these tiles?

Call 1-800-826-5805 with your zip code and ask Your Agent to quote.

Do you ship to my home?

Yes but it’s cheaper to ship to a business or freight terminal.

I noticed some tiles are more expensive than others.. why?

Irrespective of price all the tiles are the same quality(top of the line). The factory charges us higher prices for higher quantity of the same tile.

What is Doubleback and Softstep?

They are softer carpet tile backings. To see an example Click Here

Do you sell directly to the public?


What Does Lot Pricing Mean?

Lot pricing means you must buy all of our current inventory of a specific item to recieve lot pricing.

What are promotional Carpet Tiles?

Promotional carpet tiles are any items not sold through normal retail channels but offered on special promotion.  These items can be short or small lots, mixed/ odd lots, imperfect tiles (Class “A” Seconds or Thirds), discontinued items, closeouts or special buys as offered by the various manufacturers.  Promotional carpet tiles are the same high quality as the retail and running line carpet tiles but are sold at a large discount because of their promotional nature.  Promotional carpet tiles come in many different lot sizes from a very few tiles to tens of thousands of square foot but when they are sold through they are gone and are not available for re-order.  For this reason Carpet Corporation keeps an up to date inventory list (found here) that shows the in stock quantities for all of our promotional carpet tiles.

Retail or Running Line carpet tiles:
Carpet Corporation does carry a selection of retail or running line carpet tiles that can be ordered in any quantity that you need.  These tiles are typically produced for you at the time of the order and can be re-ordered as many times as necessary.  For this reason the prices on retail or running line carpet tiles are generally higher.  Our running line carpet tile choices can be found here

Please contact your sales agent for specific questions.