Biscuit says “Say No to Peel and Stick Carpet tiles!”

Here at Carpet Corporation we are often asked if we carry peel and stick carpet tile and our answer is always an emphatic “no!”.  Peel and stick carpet tiles are thin, lightweight and can barely hold up to normal household residential use much less demanding commercial traffic.  Everything that Biscuit sells is a heavy-duty tile that is designed for years of use and abuse in high-traffic commercial spaces and can be picked up and washed or cleaned as often as needed without worry.  And even though Biscuit’s tiles are tough enough for commercial use they also look and work wonderfully in your residence and can survive spills, accidents and normal wear and tear in a way that no peel and stick tile ever could.

Remember, Biscuit wants you to be delighted with your purchase not only next week but years down the road.  And there’s simply no way that can happen with the peel and stick carpet tiles that are currently on the market.  Use your hard-earned cash to buy the best quality carpet tiles available.  You will be glad that you did.

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