Carpet Tile (Thirds)

$0.39 $0.29| Sq. Ft.

Available in 19.7 x 19.7 and 9.75 x 39.4 (Plank Tile)

Choose from Earth Family, Gray Family, Blue Family or Fun Family

Please contact your sales agent for availability.

How to order:

E-Mail or Call us 1-800-826-5805 or  706-234-3301 Our sales agents are ready to assist you.


Standard Delivery does not include unloading service or inside delivery 

those are available at extra costs.

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Carpet tile thirds have noticeable cosmetic flaws and/or structural issues.  They may have bad edges, incomplete stitching, backing problems, bald spots or other problems.  When using thirds it is recommended to order more tiles than necessary and then cut out the flaws or structural problems with a proper knife.  Thirds are sold both by the square foot and by the pallet.  Please contact your sales agent for availability.

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